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PurpleAir PHP Widget Download

Due to a lack of PurpleAir investing in their product, I have decided to write a Widget so that I can display the Air quality on my website and not have to have visitors click the link to their site.

It is written in PHP.




You can get it at:

If you have any questions please email me at



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Android phones offering Root in 2017

Recently my LG G4 bit the dust, and I have been rooting my Android phones since 2.3. When I got my G4, it appeared rooting and using other things were starting to get more difficult.

Now, things have changed over the last 2 years.

Locked bootloaders and encrypted filesystems are the norm, as well as many changes apparent in Android.

No matter what carrier your on (but Verizon, espicially) and no matter what phone you choose, rooting your phone is just about impossible now.

The only phone that has any hope of rooting and custom ROMs is either older phones, or the newer Google Pixel phones. These have root and custom ROMs available.

So, that’s about your only choice nowadays.
Now, if you know of ones that I don’t, please let me know in the comments! 🙂

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Think twice about YourMechanic


If your thinking of using YourMechanic, and want to use your own parts (I do, because I control the quality of the part going into my car) vs. them supplying whatever they choose, you may want to think twice.

I decided to read thru the Warranty they offer incase anything goes sideways, and found this nice little entry:

This Limited Warranty is entirely void when:

Any parts not ordered through YourMechanic are installed by the mechanic

That makes NO FUCKING SENSE whatsoever. Not warrantying the parts I understand and am totally fine with, but the WORKMANSHIP should be warrantied. That basically means your out your money if the guy does a shitty job installing something or breaks your car.

Not only that – but they charge you $20 to use your own parts. Hmm…get dinged for using your own stuff, and lose the warranty. Nope.

While services like YourMechanic are a good idea, a policy like that is just pure BS.


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IPB Forum Error Fix

Are you getting this error?

Warning: Base directory HTML_PURIFIER_PATHcache/tmp does not exist, please create or change using %Cache.SerializerPath in /ips_kernel/HTMLPurifier/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer.php on line 133

I searched the web trying to find a fix, only to find more posts with the problem.

Luckily, I came across one post that did have a fix.

Here you guys go:


Open /admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php and search for:

 # Define cache path define ('IPS_CACHE_PATH', (! Empty (ipsRegistry :: $ settings ['ipb _cache_path']))? IpsRegistry :: $ settings ['ipb _cache_path']: DOC_IPS_ROOT_PATH);  


 if (! defined ('HTML_PURIFIER_PATH'))    


Please comment if this helped you 🙂

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Javascript not working with Webbrowser control in VB.NET? Fixed.


I actually ran into this the first time yesterday – the Webbrower control works, but any page with JavaScript would never work right. Here’s the issue:

For some reason, VB runs the control in IE7 compatibility mode. See here:


It all has to do with Permissions Microsoft added in IE7. Yes, you can view standard webpages and such, but as soon as it tries to run JS or anything else it tends to hit a wall because of the Permissions Microsoft added.

This was actually a big problem back when IE7 came out – addins for IE wouldn’t work anymore, some programs that relied on IE for certain things didn’t work anymore either, and the solution is the same as the one I am posting, although it was done by hand in the registry by the user for whatever app they had installed.

I followed a page about the issue to some code which fixes the issue here:


The code is in C#, but I converted it for (and have posted it at the end of this explanation).

Once I implemented this code and checked real quick, everything was fixed.

Just a FYI.

Click here to download the Code

In the Form’s New() method, you need to add:


under the InitializeComponent() statement, or it won’t work.

I hope this helps people.

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Tips on loading Safariland COMP Speedloaders

I recently created a video for Youtube on how to easily load the COMP I/II series speedloaders from Safariland.

Some people have said they are difficult to load, and while they were for me when I started, I quickly found a foolproof way to make it easy – so have a watch!

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The Walking Dead Rick’s Holster & Belt Gear

walkingdead For those of you who have been looking for the EXACT gear Rick wore on The Walking Dead TV series, I am proud to present you an EXACT list of the equipment. When you are going to this level, you are actually buying equipment that actual police officers use, so it is NOT cheap, so be forewarned.

Rick is wearing a 4 inch holster for a 6 inch Python revolver, and that is why the barrel sticks out below the holster. Oversight by the filmmakers or not, there is much debate.

Outside of all of that, all of these items I list CAN be had for different models of guns – including all 38 specials, 357 magnums, etc. – just contact or order from Tex Shoemaker’s website and they will more than likely be able to do it. I have had my “Rick” holster done for a 4 inch S&W 686.

But onto the details – here you go!


Exact reproduction is Tex Shoemaker & Sons Sam Browne Belt, Basketweave Style, Chrome buckle, Fully Lined. Sized to fit your waist.

However, any standard Same Browne, Basketweave Style, Chrome Buckles belt will work.


Exact reproduction (and was actually made for the show by!) is Tex Shoemaker & Sons, Model #43A, “Walking Dead Zombie Holster”. Can be made for most revolvers. Black basketweave w/ chrome snaps.

Speedloaders & Speedloader pouches:

Exact pouches are the standard HKS Speedloader “Medium” size pouch, Basketweave style, chrome snaps.
The exact speedloader is HKS Model “PYA” for the 6 Shot Python.

Can be found in various places, including local gun stores. The Python speedloaders may need to be ordered directly via HKS.

Handcuff pouch:

For the earlier episodes, it is again a Tex Shoemaker & Sons, Model #204, Black Basketweave style. Chrome snaps. The handcuffs themselves are unknown, but any Police-quality chain-link cuffs from S&W, Peerless, or Hiatts work fine.

However, any standard black basketweave style Handcuff pouch will work.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment, or email me.

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Recipe Book: Three more Bachelor “Very Easy & Cheap eats”

Beef & Rice-A-Roni (feeds 1 to 2)

    • 1 Package of Rice-A-Roni “Quick Serve” Beef flavor (prepare per directions)
    • 1/2 or 1 pound Ground Beef, cooked

Cook the Ground Beef, and throw it into the Rice-A-Roni Beef when both are done. Very tasty, and cheap!. Recommended to serve with canned Del Monte’s French Style w/Roasted Garlic Greens beans, or drained cut carrots.

Chicken & Fettuccini Alfredo (feeds 2)

    • 1 Package of Lipton/Knorr “Fetuccine Alfredo” Noodles
      • Add additional noodles to make a more heartier meal
    • 1 Package of Tyson Grilled & Ready Diced Chicken Chunks
      • Microwave for 30 seconds in a small bowl

After the noodles & sauce have cooked, throw the chicken chunks in and mix. It’s now Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo! Add pepper for a twist. Recommended with drained canned Carrots for a side.

Bachelor’s Dinner Salad (feeds 1 to 2)

    • 1/2 to 1 Package of “Fresh Express” Lettuce Trio
    • 1 Package of Tyson Grilled & Ready Diced Chicken Chunks
      • Microwave for 30 seconds in a small bowl
    • 1 Whole Tomato, your choice of kind, cut into quarter or third chunks
    • Hidden Valley Ranch “Lite” dressing
    • Hormel or equivalent Bacon Bits
    • Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Ranch, Bacon Bits and Cheese quantities to your taste, or add additional things to your taste & Enjoy!

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What does a “Tune-up” mean today?

Today, some people still bring their vehicles in for a “Tune-Up” to their mechanics.

Fortunately, the days of the actual Tune Up are actually gone. In days gone by with vehicles that had carburetors, several things involved a tuneup, including:

  1. Adjusting engine timing;
  2. Adjusting the carburetor;
  3. Adjusting distributor points (70’s and older cars);
  4. Replacing the spark plugs and/or spark plug wires;
  5. Replacing the air filter, PCV valve, etc.;
  6. Adjusting other emissions components, if necessary

Today, a Tune-Up basically involves only two, sometimes three, of those: The air filter, the PCV valve, and the spark plugs, if needed. Otherwise, the biggest part of a Tune-Up is a Fuel Injection flush service. That includes running a solvent thru the engine to dislodge and break up gum, varnish and carbon deposits that have built on the Fuel Injectors and Throttle body causing poor performance and rough idle – in the industry, it’s typically called a “De-Carb”, or De-Carbonization. You can easily find more info online about this procedure – also known as a Fuel Injection service, Fuel Injection flush, etc.

So if your’e curious what a Tune-Up involves today, that’s pretty much it!
Most spark plugs don’t need to be changed for half the life of the car or more, and plug wires for the most part don’t even exist these days. Check your car’s maintenance guide for the proper maintenance schedules, and follow them. By following them at the recommended intervals, or sooner, you guarantee a car that will work well for many years.

And if you have a Check Engine light – don’t ignore it!
In the world of computer-controlled everything, if you have this light, your fuel economy is likely suffering, and if it’s flashing at you – STOP! A flashing Check Engine light means the engine is causing severe damage to your Catalytic Converter, and that will cause you to FAIL emissions testing, as well as cost a bunch of money – so take it to your mechanic IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, with the light on steady, take you car to your mechanic as soon as possible. The faster you fix the issue, the less it will cost you in the long run – that includes regular maintenance. However, many automobiles today also illuminate the light based on different things outside of emissions, but even if the car feels OK, you might be flushing cash down the drain! Get it checked out ASAP.

I suggest visting Scotty Kilmer’s website at for some general Auto help and info.

Also, find a mechanic you can trust. Ask friends, family, etc. for a mechanic recommendation, or see if your local shops are BBB Approved or an BBB Ethics Subscriber.

Getting to know more about your car, and cars in general, may just save you money down the road!

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Why are Razor blades so expensive? Here’s why, and solutions…

Many people today know the cost of their razor blades are absolutely astronomical. How can 4 or 5 cartridges be $22?
And we all wonder why they could be this expensive, and would like a reason why companies like Gillette are charging so much for something that doesn’t last that long.

The simple reason:fusion

Because they can.

There is no reason outside of corporate greed and the knowledge every man has to shave that razor prices are so high. Recently, an article in the UK broke down the cost for Gillette to produce one single Mach 3 cartridge. The price? 12 cents. It’s only a few pennies more for the Fusion.

You pay 2000%+ markup on ONE cartridge.

Some companies such as Shick provide comparable razors, but the prices are still very high for what they are.

There’s several solutions to this problem. The first is to purchase razors from Dollar Shave Club, or direct from Dorco, a South Korean razor manufacturer. Many users state they get just as good of a shave, and sometimes better, than their Gillette razors.

The second, and my preferred, solution is the good ol’ Safety Razor (or for the daring, the old-fashioned Straight razor). Many men of all age groups are re-discovering this 100 year old tool that fathers and grandfathers used for decades.

With a small initial investment for the handle, you get a razor that will likely outlast you. Blades can be had for as little as 9 cents a piece, with the best going for about 50 cents a piece. You can get 3 or more shaves from each blade – and that equates to as little as 3 cents a shave.

Many people also recommend a shave brush and soap – no canned foam or gel. The shave brush and soap have natural ingredients unlike the canned goop, and the brush helps exfoliate the skin lightly. Both of these contribute to better skin.

I get a shave that is much closer than anything the Fusion or Mach 3 ever did for me. Even with multiple passes, the Mach 3 or Fusion will leave a rough spot on my chin. Using the Safety razor (properly), it’s like I have no hair at all there.

Gillette techNow, with Safety Razors and Straights, there is a learning curve, and it takes a little more time to shave. The first few times, yes, your probably going to cut yourself. It can take months to master it, and no one says on the days your in a rush you can’t use your cartridge. But if you hang with it, the rewards are:

  • Better Shave – hardly any or no noticeable stubble – exactly smooth face
  • Better Skin – less or no ingrown hairs – multi-blade razors are notorious for causing these. Some people even have their complexion improve.
  • Saving Money – costs are thousands times less.
  • Environmentally Friendly – you are throwing away no plastic, only a metal blade that degrades into Iron naturally.
  • Enjoyment – many people who switch report actually looking forward to shaving now and having some fun

There is plenty of information and people willing to help out on forums on the Internet, as well as many instructional videos on YouTube if you need help.

Now, if your interested in trying it out, check out some of these links:

Learn to Shave like your Grandpa – The Art of Manliness
Shaving with a Safety Razor – The Grooming Lounge

And if you have any questions or want to get more info – head on over to Badger & Blade – you’ll have any and all questions you need answered!


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